1. Who can attend the marriage event?

Anyone over the age of 21 may attend our events. All single Muslims are welcome, regardless of marital status, profession and age. However, we do not allow anyone who is currently married or looking for another wife to attend the events.

Mehrams or associates over 18 may attend the event for support but there will be limited spaces for them, due to saving the seats for the main attendees.

2. Can divorcees or widows attend the event?

Yes, the events are welcome for all.

3. Where are the events held?

The events will be held in hotel venues that offer excellent amenities and a comfortable environment. The hosts of the events are approachable and friendly and adapt to the needs of the attendees. Volunteers will be present outside the hotel and in the reception who will help direct you to the venue event. 

4. What is the price of the ticket?

The event ticket costs £25.00-£30.00 and half price for those not participating in the events (Mehrams or associates). 

5. Is dinner included?

Dinner will not be included as this will make the event last longer (which can be time-consuming). However, refreshments of snacks, soft drinks, tea and coffee will be served by the venue, free of charge. Occasionally, we may serve a meal. 

6. How long will the event last?

The event will last up to 3 hours or longer depending on the number of people that attend. 

7. Will you make specific events?

Yes, we intend to hold specific events in the near future to help Muslims meet the same like-minded people as them, such as professionals or over 35s.

8. How does the event work?

The event will involve rotations in which every person will get a chance to meet every candidate. Meetings will take place after if both parties agree and contact details may be exchanged. More details are shown on the about homepage.

8. Are refunds given?

We do not give refunds once a ticket has been purchased except if the event is cancelled. Our terms and conditions are also available on our homepage. 

9. What payment methods do you accept?

Payments may be made on Eventbrite (that includes an Eventbrite fee) or on this website. If tickets are available on our website accepted payment methods include: Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, American Express and Google Pay.