Birmingham Muslim Marriage Event- 33-47 year-olds (Sunday 9th July)

Birmingham Muslim Marriage Event- 33-47 year-olds (Sunday 9th July)

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Birmingham Muslim Marriage Event: 33-47 year-olds

This event is catered to the following age groups shown below:

Female Ticket: 33-42 year-olds

Male Ticket: 36-47 year-olds

In order to ensure there are more successful matches on the day, the tickets have been divided further in the ticket section. This will help us to obtain an equal ratio of ages within each group.

The age categories in the ticket section are shown below:

Female Tickets: 33-36 year-olds and 37-42 year-olds

Male Tickets: 36-40 year-olds and 41-47 year-olds

All candidates in this event will meet each other during the event rotations.


Park Regis Birmingham

Garrard and Blumfield Venue

160 Broad Street,


B15 1DT

Date: Sunday 9th July

Time: 11:15 am-1:30 pm

11:15 am-11:45 am (arrival: registration and refreshments- pastries, tea and coffee)

11:45 am-1:30 pm (event starts: introductions and one-to-one meetings)

Note: Our venue will open from 11:00 am. Please arrive latest by 11:30 am as the event will start at 11:45 am promptly.

Main contact number: 07476984130

Format of the event

This event will involve table rotations in which every candidate will meet each other. Each table rotation will last approximately 8 minutes or longer depending on the total number of people attending.

After the rotations, one-to-one meetings will take place if both parties agree, where contact details may be exchanged. More details will be explained during the introduction of the event.

About Our Events

We are a group of volunteers based in Birmingham that aims to hold events, throughout the UK; focusing (in the near future) on cities where current Muslim marriage events are not held. We understand and have noticed increasing difficulty in British Muslims finding a spouse. Marriage events are held to provide a network of contacts.

We believe in catering to all Muslims especially those that may feel excluded or not suitable to attend events due to age or marital status. Due to this, we held 3 separate events in Birmingham catering to all Muslims: 21-32 year-olds event, over 33's event and the divorced/widowed event. Please email us at for any suggestions on specific events that are needed and the location.


1. Who can attend this marriage event?

This event is open to all single British Muslims (all ethnicities are welcome) within the age category 33-47.

2. Where are the events held?

Our events are held in hotel venues that offer excellent amenities and a comfortable environment. The hosts of the events are approachable and friendly and adapt to the needs of the attendees. Volunteers will be present at the hotel reception and will help direct you to the event venue.

3. What is the price of the ticket?

The ticket costs £20.00 in total and is approximately half-price for those not participating in the event (mehrams or associates). 

4. Is dinner included?

Dinner will not be included as this will make the event last longer (which can be time-consuming). However, refreshments (a selection of pastries, tea and coffee) will be served by the hotel free of charge.

5. How long will the event last?

The event will last up to 2 hours, depending on the number of people that attend.

6. Will you make specific events?

Yes, we intend to hold specific events in the near future such as ethnicity-based events.

7. Are refunds given?

We do not give refunds once a ticket has been purchased. Our terms and conditions are also available on our website.

Directions and Parking

Free parking spaces on a Sunday are available on Tennant Street, a 2-minute walk from Park Regis Birmingham. Other car parks are located on the first left of the A4540, adjacent to Park Regis Birmingham.

The names and postcodes of the car parks are shown below. We advise using Five Ways Car Park on Tennant Street as the parking rates are reasonable.

Five Ways Car Park- Tennant Street, B15 1DB

5 Ways Car Park- 5 Bishopsgate Street, B15 1DB

St. Martins Place Car Park- This is the secure parking of the hotel. The entrance of the car park is at the side of St. Martins Place, B15 1ED. If you choose to park here you may pay at the reception of Park Regis Birmingham.

The entrance to the Park Regis Birmingham Conference and Events is around the corner from the main entrance of the hotel. The hotel reception area is located on level 4 where a volunteer will direct you to the venue.

Other information

*The events are for single British Muslims only; we do not allow anyone searching for a second wife on our platform.

* Please arrive on time for the event to run smoothly and on time.

*During the arrival/registration of the event remember to bring your online confirmation email of the ticket.

*Attendees who have booked before the 7th of July will receive a reminder email of the event date, location and time.

*Upon purchase of the ticket you will receive within one working day, two email confirmations and an automatic email from Worldpay with our company details confirming payment.

Feel free to contact us by phone for any enquiries or email us at